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Welcome to ScaleMasters

ScaleMasters is a manufacturer of high-quality and very detailed hand-built scale models.
Thanks to our own unique development and production facilities our possibilities are virtually unlimited in the field of (both small- and large-scale) production of trucks, as well as cars, boats, (construction) cranes /machines, different kinds of vehicles (for example: agricultural, Dakar, rally, race and army vehicles). Also any kind of custom build models are possible.
Whether you are an manufacturer, entrepreneur, multinational or organization looking for a suitable business gift, we produce what you require on any scale (from1:87 – 1:4 etc.).
ScaleMasters delivers in resin, die-cast (metal) or in a combination of both materials, depending on the edition of your order.
Are you interested in the possibilities we offer, please contact us with your request for information without obligation.
We will be pleased to help you!

Business customer? Please, contact our sales department.


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