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Miniature land has gained a new manufacturer

Let’s introduce ScaleMasters to you

They have known each other for some time, Henk van der Muil (former Lion Toys) and Raymond van der Weijden (former Diamondlabel Modelcars & Dakarmodels.com), but they had not worked together until recently. Discussing the many possibilities in the field of miniatures led to the founding of their new company ‘ScaleMaster’ on March 15th, 2018.

“ScaleMasters is a company that is unique in its kind”, state Henk and Raymond with passion. “We jump into that well-known ‘gap in the market’ by producing our miniatures with our own production facilities. As a result, we can use all our models – and think of trucks, cars and military vehicles, but also heavy transport, cranes, (construction) machines and containers – using the latest technologies, with which we are far ahead of our competitors, in small affordable editions.

Because of our short lines of communication we offer short delivery times, which creates a real win-win situation for our customers. Other than that, we work with all manufacturers of well-known brands, which means that our miniatures can be produced under license. And last but not least, depending on the ordered quantities, our customer can choose between resin (synthetic resin) and die-cast (metal) for the manufactured products.

In short, we offer many possibilities and our customer will always receive an affordable and very detailed product.

Within ScaleMasters Henk and Raymond have divided the tasks according to their own abilities. Henk focuses on development and production of new miniatures, in which he has more than 30 years experience, while Raymond focuses on sales and marketing, the field in which he has gained extensive experience. A golden duo with a golden future in miniature land.

If you are interested in more information about ScaleMasters or you would like to request a quote, please check the website.


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